Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Evaluating the sustainability of a building calls for comprehensive information about the construction products. In order to provide architects and engineers with this information in a clear format, Environmental Product Declarations - EPDs have been created

They provide all the important data for an environmental assessment of products, e.g., the Life Cycle Assessment results. The LCA indicates the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing process, use and demolition of a building. Part of the calculation, for example, determines how much energy is required to produce the building materials and to operate the building for its estimated useful life.

Environmental Product Declarations also serve as basis for the sustainability certification of buildings (such as the DGNB Certificate). The assessment comprises the entire life cycle of the product, this means a large amount of environmental data is processed and presented according to an internationally agreed format. The information given includes "primary energy requirement," "water consumption", "greenhouse gas emissions", etc. The presented data is compiled in a set of internationally accepted indicators in units such as the CO2 equivalent. In addition, the assessment is monitored by an independent third party.

The EPD for ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite material can be downloaded here.