ALUCOBOND® is fully recyclable, i.e. the core material and the aluminum skins can be returned to the material cycle and reused for the production of new material. For example, knife milling can be used to separate the composite panels into the different individual components.

The high intrinsic value of aluminum is a major economic incentive for its recycling. In fact, aluminum scrap can be repeatedly recycled without lessening its value or diminishing its properties. In addition, the energy used in recycling is a mere fraction of primary production requirements, often as little as 5%, yielding obvious ecological benefits.

VOC Rating

The coil coating of ALUCOBOND® composite panels is completely non-hazardous in terms of emissions of volatile organic compounds. The ALUCOBOND® painting process satisfies the emission chamber test criteria for VOC and SVOC emissions set by the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB, as of June 2012). The product meets the requirements for category A + in accordance with French VOC regulations. The manufacturing process complies with the strict European directives (e. g. 2010/75 / EU industrial emissions, IED.) and the corresponding German regulations (e.g. Federal Immission Protection Act -. BImSchG with the associated regulations, e.g. 31. BImSchV).